These Pair Of Twins Gained IQs Higher Than
Einstein’s When They Live In A Well All The Time

For some, taking care of one can already be such a hassle. However, these parents have two.

Known for being double the trouble, this pair of twins would often throw random fits even after receiving candy or anything they wanted.

“At just 4, they started having extreme mood swings.”

“They would be happy one moment and get angry the next.”

“And whenever my husband and I would return from work, there would be no response at all.”

“Not even a single ‘Hi’ when we would call out to them.”

- Grace, Mother of Twins

The Frustrated Mind

Thinking that the twins would get better after sending them to school, the parents faced an even bigger problem because the day when Grace got a call from the school’s principal…

She was stunned after arriving at the classroom at what she witnessed.

“The twins were having the biggest temper tantrum.”

“Relentlessly hitting the tables, banging their heads.”

“And even going as far as rolling on the floor crying.”

“It was a truly disappointing sight to see.”

- Grace, Mother of Twins

Worried for the students’ safety, the teacher escorted them out of the classroom. Grace then went into the classroom and tried calming the twins down, but it didn’t work.

Witnessing how helpless Grace was in calming them down, the school soon expelled the twins.

Since the twins couldn’t attend school anymore, the parents tried teaching at home. But the twin’s behavior just got worse and worse.

“I thought maybe they would behave better at home.”

“But as days went by, things just escalated terribly.”

“They started throwing furniture and breaking plates.”

“It was so bad that we had to screw the furniture in.”

“My heart hurts seeing them like this.”

“I really don’t know what’s happening to them.”

- Grace, Mother of Twins

The Family’s Secret

Not willing to give up on the twins, Grace looked for help from therapists. But the twins didn’t like any of them except for Dr. Priscilla.

“During the session oddly, they were calm and focused.”

“For 2 hours, they were able to focus without fussing.”

“And didn’t attempt throwing any furniture.”

“They were even capable of answering the questions by themselves!”

- Grace, Mother of Twins

Shocked at how Dr. Priscilla did it, Grace asked her. Dr. Priscilla then revealed her family’s secret formula.

“It has been passed down for generations.”

“For 10 years, my mother would put this oil on every night.”

“It always helps to clear and relax my mind.”

“Especially, helping me to focus on my work.”

“Leaving me to work a full day feeling great!”

- Dr. Priscilla

She then passed Grace the formula. Doubtful at first, she still decided to use it on the twins.

After using it overnight, they started becoming calmer as their random tantrums slowly disappeared. The parents then decided to unscrew the furniture and miraculously, no plates, cups, and furniture were broken. They even were able to study without any help.

Twin’s Mood Fixer

The twin’s success caught the attention of Dr. Evan, a pediatric neurologist for 38 years, who was amazed by this discovery. Because despite years of investigation, there was no known cure for this.

Curious, Dr. Evan then visited Dr. Priscilla and asked for a small sample to do research on it. He was very surprised to find out that it was vetiver oil! As this was the first time he’s ever heard about it.

“Known as ‘Fragrance of the Soil’, vetiver is the oldest sacred plant.”

“Traditionally used to help relaxation.”

“Whilst improving our core focus on a task at hand.”

“Helping the twins to not only have a relaxed mind.”

“But also allowing them to focus on their everyday tasks.”

“Keeping their minds in top condition all day long.”

- Dr. Evan


Realizing this could help people with cognitive problems, he started working with a team of chemists. After months of trials and errors, they created Vertiro™.

“Vertiro™ was made with the latest steam distillation.”

“Extracted from the freshest vetiver plant.”

“Vertiro™ helps quiet an overactive mind.”

“The forest, earthy scent helps produce more GABA.”

“GABA is made to calm excited neurons in the nerves.”

“Helping us soothe our minds for long periods of time.”

“Which in turn helps boost our memory and brainpower.”

“With Vertiro™ it can not only help to reduce mental fog.”

“But also help boost productivity and better concentration!”

- Dr. Evan

An Author’s Success

A clinical trial then took place with 2000 volunteers and Alicia, the mother of a volunteer, who suffers from ADHD, has something she wants to share.

“My son is always constantly itching to do something.”

“He always walked around non-stop until the sun rises.”

“Whenever I woke up, I would see him scribbling his book.”

"Then getting distracted by moving around again.”

“So, I began looking for help from therapy to medications.”

“But nothing worked. Until we tried Vertiro™.”

“Overnight, his mind wasn’t running all over the place.”

“He eventually stopped fidgeting and was able to sleep.”

“And just after a week, his brain became clearer than ever.”

“He even started to write finish his unfinished book.”

“Now he’s an author with 3 award-winning novels at only 15!”

- Alicia, Volunteer

After months of using Vertiro™, the twins continued to surprise everyone with the drastic improvements in just a short period of time.

“When they did an IQ test, it had a shocking result of over 200!”

“Which is higher than Hawkings & Einstein!”

“Now they are in the top 1% of the most intelligent people.”

“Words can’t describe how proud and grateful I am.”

“Thank you Vertiro™ for being the light of hope for my twins.”

- Grace, Mother of Twins

Vertiro™ has been a huge success since its launch, helping over 90,000 people around the world.

But the supply of the freshest vetiver is limited. So, get yours now and shine with Vertiro™!

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