Restful Mind Booster

Being stressed is completely normal in our daily life, but it’s mentally exhausting to deal with, especially when a lot of emotions are coming together all at once. This can easily affect our day-to-day life, turning good days into bad ones or making bad days worse.

Introducing Vertiro™, it doesn’t only give you the serenity your brain needs, but also keeps your mind in top condition all day long!

So, give yourself a new peace of mind with Vertiro™, at every drop.

Unwind your Mind

Extracted from vetiver, the oldest sacred plant, known as the ‘Fragrance of the Soil’. Vertiro™ essential oil is made of the freshest quality. It was traditionally used to help relax the occupied mind, whilst improving our core focus on a task at hand.

With a forest and earthy scent, it helps produce more GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) to help calm excited neurons in the nervous system, boosting our productivity as our mind is fully relaxed with maximum attention. With Vertiro™, it can not only improve your cognitive abilities but also help people with autism and ADHD to live a normal life again!

 Your One-Stop Mind Solution

  • Improves mental performance and memory

  • Reduces brain fog and promotes mental clarity

  • Improves concentration and focus

  • Soothes stress, anxiety, and nervousness

  • Positively boosts mood

  • Enhances sleep
How to Use
 Add 1-3 drops to a diffuser or you can also dab it in vaporizers to distribute its scent in a room or add it to a potpourri.
Mix 1 to 2 drops of vetiver oil with a carrier oil to start using it on your skin. Recommended to apply on temples or pressure points on the body.

Note: For best results, complete 1 full treatment consisting of 3 bottles.

What Customers Have to Say
Growing up I had always struggled with autism. Whenever I had conversations with anyone, even my own parents, I would feel overwhelmed. Especially when I was outside, I would get angry or irritated whenever I hear multiple conversations going on at once, causing me to throw a fit of rage and hit people for no reason. But everything changed when Vertiro™ was introduced. After using Vertiro™, I felt calmer and happier than I’ve ever been. I was able to leave my room with ease without feeling angry or irritated. I even started going out with friends more and even attend house parties!

Sandra Lockland, NJ

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My younger brother had ADHD since he was young. He had always struggled with focusing and prioritizing. During his classes, he would always be talking about other topics and always got punished for it. His academics got so bad that he failed 3 times and had to stay back in his grade for 2 years. But thankfully, he was able to try Vertiro™. Because after using it, his mental fog began to clear. His mind stopped running and was able to focus and concentrate now. In just a week he was able to skip 3 grades and was even the top scorer in the class!

Melinda Allen, AZ

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When I was 70 years old, I was diagnosed with dementia. Whenever my son or any family members came over, I wouldn’t remember who they were and kicked them out. I would also frequently pee in my pants as I would forget where my toilet was. So, I was very grateful when Vertiro™ was created. After using it, my mind started clearing up. I started remembering who everyone was and can even drive at 80 years old! My brain feels like it went back to when I was 20 years old!

Keith Douglas, NY

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