Discover The Only Queen In History Who Knew How To Control Minds

Cleopatra VII was arguably Egypt’s most famous and alluring queen. As one of history’s most iconic female bosses, her charm conquered the hearts of two important Roman political figures – Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

As though that wasn’t impressive enough, a war involving one of the largest Roman armies was even fought for her love.

However, Cleopatra wasn’t just famous for her exquisite charm.

The queen of the Nile was charming, intelligent, crafty, and a great leader. All of ancient Egypt would fall to their knees and submit to her.

“If she were alive today, Cleopatra would easily get any man enticed”

“But I believe that anyone today would obsess over her”

– Dr. Miriam Nyla, 47 | Perfumer, Chemist

Now scientists have sniffed out the code to Cleopatra’s deepest secret – her perfume!

Cleopatra’s Revelation

It is said that her presence fills the air with a delightful yet seductive smell. But what makes the famed ancient pharaoh’s scent so special?

“Cleopatra’s perfume was believed to be her secret ‘weapon’”

“It turns out her scent was way more than just a pleasant fragrance. It was a mark of social, political, and economic status which was also used to win the hearts of any men”

“Her practice of wearing perfume daily since became the birth of a new culture. Which explains why Egyptians generally love perfume”

“But nobody really discovered the truth behind Cleopatra’s scent”

– Dr. Nyla

Dr. Miriam Nyla is America’s top perfumer with 18 years of experience, who was intrigued by a recent study claiming that Cleopatra restored Egypt beyond greatness with an irresistible scent.

So along with a team of scientists, they embarked on a 9-year archaeological dig and unearthed a vial from a site believed to be her ancient perfumery.

When Dr. Nyla worked with the surviving residue of the excavated bottle, she had her mind blown!

They Called It Sepheur™

Even after 7000 years from its civilization, it still smells extremely potent. It was as though the perfume does not ever expire.

“When we were first exposed to the aroma, we were swept off our feet”

“There isn’t a scent of a flower this sweet and enchanting”

“We were immediately in love with its scent”

“Nobody can resist its ‘magic’ – it is almost addictive”

– Dr. Nyla

Ecstatic that she was on the cusp of revolutionizing the perfume industry, Dr. Nyla assembled a team of the best botanists and biochemists to recreate the scent…

And in under 2 years, Sepheur™ was founded.

“Sepheur™ is derived from a fragrance that was once part of ancient Egyptian’s glory”

“It is formulated to mask even the strongest body odors and extinguish the unpleasant smell of pollution in our cities”

“Composed of white lotus, cardamom, myrrh, and olive oil, Sepheur™ is a non-alcoholic blend, much thicker than the stuff we spritz on today”

“The thicker oily texture intensifies and boost the quality of the scent, allowing it to linger twice as long as modern fragrances”

“Ultimately its effects create a shift in mood to a more positive state while turning regular activities and tasks more pleasurable and satisfying”

– Dr. Nyla

One Drop For All The Change

The production of Sepheur™ is an improved version of the ancient Egyptian technique. Natural plant-based ingredients are first grounded into a thick paste. The collected extract will then be left to ferment in a dark room for 50 days which produces a concentrated concoction that lasts for ages.

“When compared and tested with Sepheur™, neuroimaging scans of those exposed show an increase in brain activity”

“Its odor molecules flow to the limbic system in the brain where feelings, moods, emotions, sexual behaviour and memory are processed”

“It then stimulates the medial prefrontal cortex – the part of the brain responsible for “love at first sight” or simply attraction”

“But it gets better – we’ve detected heightened serotonin and dopamine levels. Hormones that modulate us when we’re happy or ‘love struck’”

“That explains how Cleopatra is irresistible and everyone falls for her”

– Dr. Nyla

Just rub 2-4 drops of Sepheur™ on your wrists and neck, or pour the same amount in your diffuser if preferred. Then allow its fragrance to enchant the air around you, setting the perfect atmosphere.

Taking The Fragrance Industry By Storm

The official launch of Sepheur™ was an instant success. It even caught the attention of world-renown fashion magnate Joelle Faustin who said :

“In short, Sepheur™ is god’s essence in a bottle”

“I see it being the new pioneer in the world’s fragrance industry”

“It is freshness, luscious, and addiction in one”

“Anyone who wears it casts a waft of beauty in the air at any time”

“The sensuality of this scent is truly heaven on earth”

– Joelle Faustin, 41 | Fashion magnate, Fragrance critic

Since its launch, thousands went to try it out and 99% of them shared how Sepheur™ is hands down their favorite. One of them was 35-year-old June Holland.

“For 11 years, my marriage has been falling apart. We quarrelled about even the tiniest things and it got so bad, it brought us to the verge of a divorce”

“When my colleague heard of this, she recommended Sepheur™ to me. At first it sounded unrealistic, but I tried it anyway”

“Then things started to change – my husband became more in my favor! We were in agreement on just about anything and our day went by without one quarrel”

“In a week, we’ve worked things out and decided to drop the divorce. Our relationship was not just fixed, it improved our romance too because we’ve finally had an incredible time in bed!”

“We found our attraction and love for one another and things were blooming again!”

“You can tell that the fragrance’s ingredients are of high quality in a whiff. Even with just applying it on one spot, my husband pointed out that I smell incredible from head to toe”

– June Holland, 35

Join 198,000 Others To Experience Its Alluring Charm

Due to the time-consuming harvesting and preparation process, supply is expected to be highly limited. At last count, there are only a couple of hundreds left in the country.

And they’re selling out fast!

Let yourself be immersed with the emblematic aroma of Sepheur™.

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